Technologies to Enrich Natural Animal Feed Products

Animal Feed

BioMatrix has applied technologies to the following product areas in order to provide you with only the best possibilities.


  • FOS – Medium Chain Carbohydrates That Beneficial Microbes Recognize As A Food Source.
  • Chicory Pulp – Long Chain Carbohydrates In A Fibrous Material Capable Of Reaching The Hind Gut To Feed Beneficial Bacteria.

Yeast & Yeast Products

  • Biosecure™ MOS – A Source Of Mannan Oligosaccharides Derived From Yeast Cell Wall For Gut Health.
  • Beta Precise – A Source Of Beta Glucans To Address Product Formulations Targeted At Immune Function.
  • ADY 15 – Aimed At Feed Formulations Requiring A Source Of Live Active Yeast Cells Containing A Minimum Of 15 Billion Cells/Gram.

Feed Quality Products

  • MP 362 – A Concentrated Source Of Ingredients Intended To Manufacture Products Addressing Toxins Derived From Molds.
  • MycoSecure – A Special Formulation Of Ingredients To Address Possible Feed Quality Issues.
  • MycoSecure II – A Stronger Formulation Of Ingredients For More Difficult Feed Quality Issues.


  • Feed Additive Bacillus – An Active Source Of Bacillus Organisms Screened For Safe Applications Of Bacillus.
  • E. Faecium – A Concentrated Form Of Coated Lactic Acid Bacteria.
  • L. Acidophilus – A Concentrated Form Of Coated Lactic Acid Bacteria.
  • Companion Animal – A Blend Of Coated Lactic Acid Bacteria Based On Applications Specific To Pet Foods
  • EnzoPak – An Enzyme Blend Intended For Customized Feed Formulations.
  • MR Add Pak – Intended To Provide Coated Lactic Acid Bacteria And Enzymes For Milk Replacer Formulations.

Essential Oils

  • Biolex – Proprietary Blends Of Coated Essential Oils And Other Ingredients. A source of lactic acid and  soluble fiber

Algae (Omega3)

  • DHAlgae – A Customized Feed Grade Algae Formulated To Supply A Source Of Omega3 Fatty Acids To Livestock.


  • Custom Formulations – BioMatrix Can Customize A Blend Of Live Coated Microbes And Enzymes For Silage And Hay Application

Drying Agents

  • BacTrac Series – Based On The Use Of Coated Essential Oils And Other Ingredients Affective In Protecting Surfaces